Test and document glare disability efficiently

Cataracts are known to cause reduced vision and disabling glare.  This is particularly significant for older patients driving an automobile at night.

Lack of adequate documentation of this visual impairment in patients with cataracts may result in denial for coverage of cataract surgery from Medicare and private insurance companies.

While many methods of glare documentation suffer from inconsistent light intensity and angle, the EpiGlare offers a standardized repeatable approach to testing and documenting glare disability with best corrected vision.

Key Features

Test and document glare disability without leaving refracting lane
Allows examiner to test at the phoropter with best corrected vision

Patented LED array
Designed to simulate glare from oncoming headlights

Tests night vision
Poor visual acuity while driving at night is a key complaint of cataract patients

Long battery life
All devices offer over 9 hours of run time per charge; eliminating the need to use valuable lane charging wells and handles

Smart power level feature
Power indicator light ensures every test is at the right power level

Epiglare® is manufactured by OptegoUSA.